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Who We Are


Emily H.


Emily is a graduate from U of M and a long-time Ann Arbor-ite. Having worked in both the neuro and surgical intensive care units, Emily has worked with clients with a wide array of restrictions and disabilities, and loves the feeling of helping people reach their functional goals. As a Pilates instructor, she now has the opportunity to do that every day.

An avid runner, Emily has long utilized pilates to supplement her training, and loves that it can be tailored so as to be accessible and challenging to people of all fitness levels.

Regardless of your athletic abilities, Emily will ensure you leave her classes feeling stronger, and importantly, excited to return!


Lauren D.


Lauren completed her Pilates reformer instructor training in 2018 - originally meant to be a part time job, she quickly fell in love with Pilates, and has welcomed it into her life full time. Lauren enjoys working with clients of all levels and experience. Introducing new clients to the reformer is one of her favorite parts of the job!


When Lauren's not at the studio, you can find her spending time outdoors with her husband, dog and horses. Lauren and her husband welcomed a little girl, Dallas, into their family at the end of August!


Lauren gears her classes towards clients who are striving to improve their overall strength, posture, flexibility, balance and mindset. She promises you'll leave the studio smiling, and a little shaky - in a good way!

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Brittany F.


After joining Core Collective in May 2022, Brittany has found her favorite place and community in Ann Arbor. HIIT cardio, core and glute-focused workouts have been Brittany’s passion since her cheerleading days at Grand Valley State University. Reformer pilates is truly like none other; you are powerful, graceful and mentally engaged through each movement. Brittany strives to create classes where you feel proud of yourself and leave the studio glowing!

Outside of Core Collective, Brittany is an early-intervention speech language-pathologist working with families of children zero-three years old. She loves to spend her free time obsessing over her cats, drinking all of the coffee, making new vegetarian recipes and indulging in The Office or a True Crime podcast. 

Gigi G.


After many years of searching for a workout that she truly enjoyed, Gigi (Giselle) discovered Pilates and fell in love.

The studio quickly became one of Gigi’s favorite places as it allows her escape from the busyness of the world, a place to improve upon herself, and a space to empower others.

If she’s not at the studio, you can catch her selling real estate all around southeast Michigan as a Realtor, designing creative work for local businesses as an Art Director, or munching on delicious foods as an avid foodie.

Gigi prides herself on her positive energy and inclusivity making each workout accessible and fun while also a teensy ;) bit challenging for all. Workouts with Gigi are the perfect way to start your day off right!

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Jenny H.


Jenny has an MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University and she is a digital marketing consultant by day, kid chauffeur by night. 


Jenny started practicing Pilates 8 years ago after having her first child and has been hooked ever since.  A former competitive runner, she has found Pilates to be a good alternative to running, as she has experienced a notable reduction in injuries when she practices consistently. She is thrilled to be part of the Core Collective family and hopes to help others discover the many benefits of Pilates, just as she has!  She has a passion for helping others live a healthy lifestyle and sees maintaining strength as a key component of that.


Jenny lives in Dexter with her husband, two children and dog, Otis.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to new places with her family, running with Otis, knitting hats and reading chicklit.  

Jennifer J.


Jennifer began her journey as part of the Core Collective family in the Fall of 2021. Having been a ballet dancer for the majority of her life, she was looking for a workout that would help her maintain core strength and flexibility. After her first pilates class, she instantly fell in love! Jennifer completed pilates instructor training in the summer of 2022 and has found that being an instructor combines her passions for teaching and health/wellness. Jennifer loves introducing new clients to reformer pilates and strives to provide a supportive environment where clients at all levels can challenge themselves and see progress. 


Outside of pilates, Jennifer recently completed her PhD from UofM in Cancer Biology and has started her first job in the medical communications industry. When not working or at the studio, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, trying new restaurants, and all things cleaning and organization.

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Meet Our Instructors (14)_edited_edited.jpg

Lindsay K.


Lindsay began teaching Pilates in Fall 2021. Having tried other group fitness studios in the past, nothing compared to the encouraging and welcoming atmosphere at Core Collective.

Lindsay received her doctorate in audiology and works as an audiologist specializing in intraoperative cranial nerve monitoring. When not teaching or at the hospital, you will often find Lindsay taking class on the carriage next to you (we can’t keep her away)!

Maddy G.


Maddy came from Los Angeles looking for a Pilates studio and found a Pilates family. She had been coming to Core Collective for a few years and it’s now like a second home to her.

While Maddy is not at the studio, she is working as a home infusion nurse and busy with her husband, 2 daughters and 2 labradoodles. Her life is jam packed, but she always make time for Pilates. It gives her the energy she needs to get through the day.

Maddy's favorite class is Core Classic, especially flows that have planks, lunges, and the all-time favorite, feet in straps. She loves a challenging class and pushing herself to get the best out of each workout. 

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Maddy R.


I originally found mat pilates in January of 2020 and instantly fell in love with the movement practice. After almost 2 years of dedicating time taking mat classes, I found Core Collective. Reformer pilates elevated my interest so in the summer of 2022 I went through the instructor training. 

I love to celebrate my body for what it can do and what feels good, and hope that translates to my classes! I love to include a mix of classic movement as well as motivating to have fun and explore your personal strengths. Pilates has been a form of movement that connects all aspects of body and mind which I adore discovering! 

When I am not at the studio I love to take long daily walks, take care of my Rottweiler- German Shepherd puppy, ski, bake, and do DIY interior design home projects. 







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