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Life is too short for boring workouts.

If your current workouts feel uninspired, and you're looking to refresh your routine, this may be exactly what you're looking for. No single workout is the same, and we have plenty of class formats to help you reach any fitness goal you may have.


Looking to improve your core strength and general strength? Core Classic is a great place to start. Aiming to build endurance and work up a sweat? Core Cardio or Row + Reform would both be great options for you. Wanting to work on flexibility? Try Core Stretch. Or want a class with a focus on both strength and flexibility? Core Flow or Core + Restore are both excellent options for that.

If you're new to Pilates or Core Collective, we recommend starting with our Core Classic class to get a feel for a typical workout. 

And regardless of which class you choose, all of our classes help: 

tone  and strengthen your body

build core strength

improve flexibility

improve posture

improve bone density

alleviate back and neck pain

 encourage better mental health 


This is Core Collective in its truest form, and is recommended for first-timers. Every exercise is modifiable and no reformer experience is necessary. Expect a challenging workout, which always features those 3 little A's - abs, arms &... glutes ;) All levels. 

Core Classic

core cardio reformer class

This class features a blend of jumpboard and strength training for a full body, calorie-burning workout. This is cardio like you've never experienced it. High intensity & low impact, this is a favorite of many of our clients. All levels.

Core Cardio


A dimly lit room, a relaxing playlist, and a combo of both static and dynamic exercises and stretches makes this the perfect way to unwind after a long day. For anyone with with a hectic schedule, stressful job or need for time to yourself, this class is for you. All levels. 

Core Stretch


If you: Would like to build your core strength - and would love to take a class targeted to core work, would love to improve your flexibility or incorporate more stretching into your weekly routine, want to improve your posture - or just want to undo all the damage you do to your body every day by sitting at a desk or being hunched over a phone, suffer from neck or back pain, or  just love feet-in-straps (if you are new to the reformer, just wait ;-))  ...this class is for you. All levels. 

Core + Restore


Yoga lovers: this class is for you! A fusion of Reformer Pilates & Yoga (strength & flexibility), this really is the best of both worlds. You'll leave feeling toned, lengthened and mentally restored. All levels.

Core Flow

group rowing classes

This class combines reformer work with a high-energy workout using our WaterRowers, making this the perfect cardio & strength workout. The only workout of its kind in Ann Arbor! No rowing experience is necessary; your instructor will walk you through proper form during your first session! All levels.

Row + Reform

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